20 юли, 2007

Love Never Dies

Midnight...Phone call...Last hope...

„I need to talk with you...“ she said when she heard his voise.
„About what?“ he sounds a little confused. „About us...“
„I thought we are done. I told you...“
„I know!“ she was desperate. She needed to talk with him. She wanted to see him for last time.
„Okey...Tomorrow after the party.“ he finally told her what she wanted.
„I`ll be there. I hope you too...“

Tomorrow after the party...In front of the house...Three o`clock at the morning...

She was there waiting for him. After some minutes he come. She wears blue jeans and t-shirt.
„Blue like your eyes...“ she said and smiled. Then she looked in his eyes and met there only coldness.
„Where is your dreamy look?“ she came a step closer and pick up her hand to caress his face but then she put it down and abstein to make this again.
„What do you want to talk about?“ he looked like he didn`t have a time to wait.
„You know...About us. I need to tell you that...Do you know what keeps me alife? Do you know what I was ready to do for you? You don`t know. But I`m not here for that. I just wanted to tell you that I get over it. There was something between us but it`s gone for you. Never mind...It was a game like you said. Just a game. For me it wasn`t. For me it was more than just a game. It was love. Maybe now you are happy. Maybe...But if some day you think about that you will find you that it wasn`t just a game...“ her eyes was full of tears but she tryed to keep them.
„It wasn`t a game. I know that.“
„You know?! Really?! And when you realize that? No, you don`t know. You don`t know what I was ready to do. You don`t know what was that game for me. It was everything. It was all my life and dreams. You was my life. And you always will be.“
„But I thought...“ he didn`t know what to say. He was totally confused.
„I just want to tell you that if you some day met the perfect girl for you, to give your life for her and to love her like I love you. That`s all. But remember...There is a girl...who is ready to give her life for you. Because all my life is you.“
She didn`t let him to say anything. She just turned around and go step by step. And he was standing there and watching after her until he lost her silhouette in the darkness.

A week later...In his apartment...Nine o`cloks in the night...

He was standing on the bed with her picture in his hand. Next to him there was a bottle of alcohol. His eyes was tired. Every night after their date he saw her in him dreams. Her words resounded in his head every minute. He stayed like that all the night and in the morning he decided to call her. First try...bisy tone...Second...no answer... At last he went to her apartment. He opened the door with his key and get in. He saw her phone on the ground and many of his pictures. On the sofa she was standing. Her eyes was closed and her face was still wet from the tears. There was and a letter on the table. He took it and started to read: „Dear my lovely bad boy...I`m writing this because I want to tell you something. I couldn`t forget you. I didn`t stop love you. This why I needed to run away. I just can`t live looking you with someone else. I feel like I`m losing all...and I need to run away. I`m leaving because I want to be away from you. I`m sorry about everything that I`ve done...But I love you more even than my life. Remember that and keep it in you heard because mine is broken...I love you... If you love someone let him go... Well you are free... Just remember that girl that loves you more than her life and keep her love in you. I wanted to feel your hands to hold me for last time...I wanted to feel your lips on mine...I wanted you....But we can`t have everything...So goodbye...“ In the end there was a message for him: „Love never dies“. That was wrote in their place...

Three days later they found him in his car. Before dies he left a message on his phone. „I`m coming to you. I can`t live without you. To love you wasn`t just a game. It was all my life. I will be with you even in the dark. I love you more than my life...“

And his spirit found her.

...Or maybe not...

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dreamly girl каза...

Ам тази историйка наистина много ме заинтригува.
Много хубав стил имаш, Марти...Много хубави неща пишеш,когато ти дойде музата...Дано да идва по-често,за да ни радваш с твоите творби!