14 октомври, 2007

Thank you...

Well... This is something that I want to tell of my best friend, and I want to make it here because this is my own place and it`s important to me to say that here.
Right...I know you since I started to go at school and you was the first girl, that I met there. And you know how much I love you because you are always there when I need you. You was and you are... This is my way to say "thanks". I know that I`m not really good sometimes at all, but I`m trying to give my best for your frienship
And I miss you, do you know? Now, when we are in a different high schools and I can`t talk with you every five minutes of my day... It`s just not the same without you.
I think that`s not a problem, because we are still friend no matters waht happened before, and your "fights" and all the suck things that I did... And after taht all you are still here next to me when I need you. So I just want to say thanks.
I promise to be there for you like you are always for me. I promise never to forget your friendship. I promise to be your best friend like you are with me. I promise to take care of you when yo need me.
And not on a last place I want to say that I`m sorry for blaming you for nothing (you know what I`m talking about...some months ago)... I was the idiot who made you my enemy and I`m so sorry for that.
I miss you... I love you... You are my best friend like no other and I want you to know that. And you know no one will love you more than me, right? *kiss ya*
And just one more thing... We are TF - Together Forever. Remember that every time when you are sad and smile for me.
to my best friend Tita
with love... Marti

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