01 юли, 2008


It's always my fault. It's never your mistake. I'm wrong all the time and you are acting like God, telling me what I did was bad. And I'm never as good as the others, like in your eyes I'm the bitch who can't make the difference between love and game. And I'm the one who is like an idiot every time when I'm talking with you because I'm losing all my words when I hear your voice. And... seriously?!? Are you blind or something?!? Never mind. I said I don't care about it.
What I mean is I can't be wrong all the time, can I? I must be right sometimes. And you can't be perfect, so stop pretend you are. Honestly, I'm sorry I decided there is something good deep down in your heart. I really belived that, but not any more. Because I'm seeing you acting like an idiot for nothing. And even if there was something good, it's been lost by now.
Now you are telling me that you are leaving. Well go, I'm not going to stop you and I have never asked you to stay. You are not the first who leaves. Jist the feeling of being left is not one of my favourite but I'm kind of used to it, so don't worry.
The story ends like every time. I was wrong and you are nothing more than just fake friend who never cared. But I wasn't wrong all the times you said I was. Anyway, thanks for acting like you cared and for everything you (never) did.

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

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-..!*Rainy Girl*!...- каза...

This boy is the greatest idiot in this world!

Love you... (hug)(hug)(hug)

~~ KisSeD-(by)-(an)-AnGeL ~~ каза...

I know that! ;)
But like I said I don't care so... Don't worry.

<3 u 2{}