27 юли, 2008

I wanna live this dream!

I wanna stay always lying in myself for hours and watch the purple sky fly over me. Where the wind will whisper to me and the raindrops as they’re falling tell a story. In a field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby.I wanna fly free in the sky and to swim with the dolphins.
I wanna be a part of a living dream with the paper flowers and the purple sky. It doesn't really matters that it's just a dream, when this dream makes me feel like I'm in Heaven. All that matters is that it can become true for everyone around me, because a dream like this must be shared so that it can bring happiness for everyone. Just be there and wait for the right time when the stars go blue and the sky doesn't seem so far.
Ah, how much I wanna live this dream!

Evanescence - Imaginary

24 юли, 2008

Would you fall with me?

If I accidentally fall would you fall with me? Would you hold my hand all the way down? Would you be there with me to make the fear go away? Would you hear my words? Would you help me do what I want to? Would you wipe away all my tears? Would you get all the love that I keep in my heart only for you?I want you to be there with me. I need you to fall with me in the water. The falling without you seems so scary and I'm not sure I can rise to the surface by myself. So I just wanted to know if you would be there for me when I'm falling down all alone. Would you hold my hand all the way down until the water takes us in it's arms, keeping us extraordinary together? Would you like to be a part of my world until the end of days? Because an adventure like this takes two to be remembered and later in our life to remind us that we really lived each and every minute of our life. In fact, that's all that matters to me. There might not have another life after this one, but if there is one, I might not be there for you...
So take my hand now and join me in this adventure for a lifetime, because the time won't wait for us forever and sooner or later we both will be alone in our adventures and it will be to late to be together in this.
Please, fall with me. I don't want to be alone anymore! I don't want to be forgotten here all alone! I have so many words to say and so much love to give!
Evanescence - My immortal

21 юли, 2008

Don't let me fall again!

Ahh... I have always wanted to get in the a river high up in the mountains and to swim until i find myself falling with a waterfall. I wanted to feel the water all over me, touching my hands, my hair, my face. And the falling just stops when I fell in the water down there and it's still all around me, rising me to the surface, while the waterfall tries to make me sink. But what keeps me still dry on the ground is that fear that I feel everytime when I see the water falling so fast and it's too high.
I wonder where is that fear when I accidentally slipped and fell in the waterfall. Where is it when I need it the most?! And then there is no fear, but there is no one to give me a hand and to keep me from falling. And suddenly I have so many words to say, so many things to do and so many tears to cry and so much love to give, but there is no one to hear my words and no one to take the tears away. Because I'm falling with the waterfall and I can feel nothing else but emptiness.
So, don't let me fall again! Because after I fell the fear is even more when the water goes away all that stays is me there and I'm alone. The water might look like a nice friend when it touches you face but it can't tell you that everything will be just fine and it can't make you forget the emptiness that fills all your mind when you fall.
Please... Don't even think to let me fall again! Don't let me feel that emptiness! Don't dare to forget me here all alone because I have so many words to say and so much love to give!
-Don't let me fall!

01 юли, 2008


It's not that I care. It's not that I'm mad. I just hate someone taking things from me. Things that I love and that I respect. And by things I mean.... everything. It's like taking who I am. And it changes everything around me, making me freak out. The feeling of everything fades away the very next moment after I got it is killing all the happines I've ever had.
Damn it!! It was mine... All of it... And now I feel like it's not. And my world seems so unfinished, like it empty... Like something is missing.
I Hate changes! I hate them and I hate to see how things goes away or people leave. I miss those people. They were a part of me and my world and now they are not and that place they had taken is empty. Why?! Why is something missing?! Is'n someone missing me?!
Simple Plan - What If


It's always my fault. It's never your mistake. I'm wrong all the time and you are acting like God, telling me what I did was bad. And I'm never as good as the others, like in your eyes I'm the bitch who can't make the difference between love and game. And I'm the one who is like an idiot every time when I'm talking with you because I'm losing all my words when I hear your voice. And... seriously?!? Are you blind or something?!? Never mind. I said I don't care about it.
What I mean is I can't be wrong all the time, can I? I must be right sometimes. And you can't be perfect, so stop pretend you are. Honestly, I'm sorry I decided there is something good deep down in your heart. I really belived that, but not any more. Because I'm seeing you acting like an idiot for nothing. And even if there was something good, it's been lost by now.
Now you are telling me that you are leaving. Well go, I'm not going to stop you and I have never asked you to stay. You are not the first who leaves. Jist the feeling of being left is not one of my favourite but I'm kind of used to it, so don't worry.
The story ends like every time. I was wrong and you are nothing more than just fake friend who never cared. But I wasn't wrong all the times you said I was. Anyway, thanks for acting like you cared and for everything you (never) did.

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending