21 юли, 2008

Don't let me fall again!

Ahh... I have always wanted to get in the a river high up in the mountains and to swim until i find myself falling with a waterfall. I wanted to feel the water all over me, touching my hands, my hair, my face. And the falling just stops when I fell in the water down there and it's still all around me, rising me to the surface, while the waterfall tries to make me sink. But what keeps me still dry on the ground is that fear that I feel everytime when I see the water falling so fast and it's too high.
I wonder where is that fear when I accidentally slipped and fell in the waterfall. Where is it when I need it the most?! And then there is no fear, but there is no one to give me a hand and to keep me from falling. And suddenly I have so many words to say, so many things to do and so many tears to cry and so much love to give, but there is no one to hear my words and no one to take the tears away. Because I'm falling with the waterfall and I can feel nothing else but emptiness.
So, don't let me fall again! Because after I fell the fear is even more when the water goes away all that stays is me there and I'm alone. The water might look like a nice friend when it touches you face but it can't tell you that everything will be just fine and it can't make you forget the emptiness that fills all your mind when you fall.
Please... Don't even think to let me fall again! Don't let me feel that emptiness! Don't dare to forget me here all alone because I have so many words to say and so much love to give!
-Don't let me fall!

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*GoLdEn_RoSe* каза...

aaaaaaa mnogo e hubavo bravo

-..!*Rainy Girl*!...- каза...

Well,I will not let you fall in the water anymore.You now,I'm here whatever when you need me!
Love you, so much!!!


KisSeD-(by)-(an)-AnGeL каза...

Thanks! =) <3 Love you too, mily!