27 юли, 2008

I wanna live this dream!

I wanna stay always lying in myself for hours and watch the purple sky fly over me. Where the wind will whisper to me and the raindrops as they’re falling tell a story. In a field of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby.I wanna fly free in the sky and to swim with the dolphins.
I wanna be a part of a living dream with the paper flowers and the purple sky. It doesn't really matters that it's just a dream, when this dream makes me feel like I'm in Heaven. All that matters is that it can become true for everyone around me, because a dream like this must be shared so that it can bring happiness for everyone. Just be there and wait for the right time when the stars go blue and the sky doesn't seem so far.
Ah, how much I wanna live this dream!

Evanescence - Imaginary

4 коментара:

«ҳŜc®ǻT†cђ°̸ҳ» каза...

Great =]

Just a Little Star каза...

Well,I want something from you..I want when you find this world of dreams to invite me there...Hihih,I know that this is your dream but....I'm your Best Friend,you know :P:P

Hihih,I know that's the height of impudence but ....

Love you


KisSeD-(by)-(an)-AnGeL каза...

Of course I will invite you and everybody else, who want to join us. Because it's a dream, that must be shared to bring us the happines we ae looking for. {}{}{}

Just a Little Star каза...

Exactly!!! (sun)(sun)(sun)