24 юли, 2008

Would you fall with me?

If I accidentally fall would you fall with me? Would you hold my hand all the way down? Would you be there with me to make the fear go away? Would you hear my words? Would you help me do what I want to? Would you wipe away all my tears? Would you get all the love that I keep in my heart only for you?I want you to be there with me. I need you to fall with me in the water. The falling without you seems so scary and I'm not sure I can rise to the surface by myself. So I just wanted to know if you would be there for me when I'm falling down all alone. Would you hold my hand all the way down until the water takes us in it's arms, keeping us extraordinary together? Would you like to be a part of my world until the end of days? Because an adventure like this takes two to be remembered and later in our life to remind us that we really lived each and every minute of our life. In fact, that's all that matters to me. There might not have another life after this one, but if there is one, I might not be there for you...
So take my hand now and join me in this adventure for a lifetime, because the time won't wait for us forever and sooner or later we both will be alone in our adventures and it will be to late to be together in this.
Please, fall with me. I don't want to be alone anymore! I don't want to be forgotten here all alone! I have so many words to say and so much love to give!
Evanescence - My immortal