09 август, 2008


I'm going far far away, where when the sun rise the first thing it touches is the salty water. The first thing it sees is the reflection of it's own face. Ohh... It's so beautiful. When the sun touches the water and it starts shining all around going streigh to me. I'm standing on the sand where the water caress my skin and I can see the shining so bright that I start closing my eyes and trying to see it despite the light, that is shining on me.
At first it's quiet and cold, before the sun came. Then I can feel the warm hug of the rays and I become a part of it. A part of the sun, of the water, of the shining light. Then the wind starts playing with my hair and for a while it makes the warm hug go away, because the feeling after that, when I feel it again is even stronger.
Then I see the shells and the stones and the sand in the water, that follows the waves in and out of the water. I squat and get one of the shells.And after that the wind will erase my steps and the water will help it, but that little shell will remind me that I was on that place. I'll be able to feel for one more time the wind and the water and the sun and it will make me a part of all this perfect picture, because I'm leavin' but a part of me stays there.