25 септември, 2008

Crossing the line - so damn wrong!

Did you ever cross the line, without to know it was even there? Did you ever ask yourself why is it there? Sometimes you have to cross the line, to realise it is here for a reason enough to make you go back. You need someone to prove you wrong and to tell you to stop crossing it.

So that's it! I'm going back and I'm not going to cross this line again. It might be invisible for you but I can see it right behind me. Line, that shows me I did something wrong. I can feel the guilt inside of me so I need to step back and to stop crossing lines for a while. It's just the right thing to do - to step back and to watch from a distance.

I've been in the movie for too long
so don't sign me for the next few episodes.

Simple Plan - Perfect World

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