03 септември, 2008


- I'm going to fall! And you are falling with me!
- No, I'm not falling with you.
- Ohh... And...How's that?
- You are not falling, because I'm going to catch you.
Really?! How's that going to happen, baby? You are leaving tomorrow, don't forget that! And when I fall you won't be there to catch me. So don't make me fall! And that scent is all over me again and it makes me think about you all the time.


- I'm going to fall because of you! Do you hate me that much to let me?
- Who said I hate you in first place?
- Well I just thought...
- You are completely wrong then!What is that all about?! You being so nice! Unbelievable! Just stop being so nice, because you are leaving tomorrow!
And I'm the One...
...To fall...
...To stay...

...I'm the One you'll forget about just like you did, remember?!

Vanessa Hudgens - When there was Me & You

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