11 септември, 2008

You left...

... And then there was nothing to say,
nothing to think about, nothing to do.
But everything starts to end, right?!
What I can't understand is why I still care,
when you are gone,
so as everything that was important before.
How can you change my world again,
when you weren't part of it for so long,
that I forgot you ever was someone important?!
Why am I still here talking about you,
when I shouldn't even remember you?!

There is nothing else to say.
There's nothing else to hear.
There's nothing else to make you stay.
There's nothing else to make me feel.
Like a frozen icy statue I'm standing right here,
where I was and there's just nothing left...
So when it's over what makes me think about it?!

Gravity Co - Empty world

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