13 октомври, 2008


My voice is still the worst melody you've ever heard, isn't it? My face - picture of a freakin' crazy artist. Me - oh, that's easy - I'll never be who you want me to be. I'll never be perfect the way you mean it. I'm just me. Deal with it, damn it!!!
Nope, seems that I don't have the choice to say it out loud. Why is that? Because it's the damn true we are all afraid of. But why should I be afraid, when someday I won't be here anyway. Nobody will remember what I said. But still the words should never be said. The truth hurts people, so it should not be told. We should tell lies, and to expect lies, because nobody really likes the truth, right?
Well, I like her. Even if in the end of the day she's the one that tears me apart, because I've hidden it for myself. Truth is better then silence. Truth is everything but not bad.
But people tell lies anyway. They think that what you don't know can't hurt them. It can! It does hurt not to know.
So, I want the truth. I don't want to meet all the masks you wear. I want to know you, not the one you want to be. But the world I live in is full of people with masks. People, who are afraid of the truth and therefore are afraid to show their real face without the mask.Yep, I'm not saying I don't wear masks. I'm not saying everyone does wear one. What I mean is that I think truth must be told even if it hurts. I think we should all let our masks fall eventually and to show our friends who we are for real.
I think that life is too short to live it in the darkness. Too short to pretend you are someone else. With all this pretending we just forget to live sometimes.
Anyway, what do I know about life?
I'm just a liar, like all of us, right?

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