17 ноември, 2008

The answers

The crossroad?
~It is behind me for good. I wasn't allowed to change my way this time. Maybe for reason, maybe not. Still there will be another crossroads and another new ways, so maybe this one wasn't the right one.
The eclipse?
~It is always here. It is always around. It's always my perfection, just because I can make it save or dangerous, noisy or quiet, bright or dark.
~I'm right where I was the last time. With the silence and the loud music and the eclipse. Those three things are the very perfect part of my own road of perfection and they will always be.
The music?
~Like I said it's always loud. Lovesick Radio, Boys Like Girls, Simple Plan, Skillet, Paramore ... and so on and on...
The dream?
~The one where one crossroad changed everything... It's still in the 'wish list' where it belongs.
The chocolate?
~This is my sweet addiction, which makes my worst day perfect. It's a part of the whole perfection - the sweetest part.
The start of something new?
~I had one, believe me or not. I quit doing one thing, just to find a few better things. I met some new people. I found another almost perfect place like this one. I smiled and cried at once.
The change?
~New colors, new dreams, new friends... But nothings beats the old, ordinary colors, dreams and friends. Without them the new ones won't be that special. And without the new ones I would never realize how much I love the old ones.
The writing?
~I hope it will come back with the scent of the new season and the old-new road that is coming along.

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