09 ноември, 2008

Crossroad of life

I can see the crossroad right there behind the corner of this boulevard I'm walking on for a while. The signs are there, the traffic light. There's line of the future. It may change, it may stay the same. And it's just right there in front of me.
But I'm not sure this is the right thing to do - to cross that line. If I eventually start walking to the new road... what happens with the other I leave behind me? If I cross and someone brings me back? If I feel that dream and that road's perfectness how can I get back on my own boulevard and pretend this other way doesn't exist?!
I wish I could know what is going to happen. I wish I could know which one is the right way for me. I wish I could skip that crossroad and keep going to the new way. I wish I could say it all out loud so that everyone can hear me.
But I can't. I'm only human after all. I'm just... Me. Sometimes freaking out, sometimes sad, sometimes happy.... And I'm still me. Maybe the crossroad is there for a good reason, to make something different in someone's life. Maybe that someone's life is not mine. But it is still there for a reason, right?

So... I'm not walking towards it. I'm running! I'm not hoping to be able to cross that line. I'm begging! It's time for something new! It's time for some other bright color to light my way and to change my eclipsed mind. It's time...

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