18 ноември, 2008

I'll reach the sky

I'm just making another try to reach the sky. It was my dream for a very long time. I know it is not possible, but I want it. The impossible things sound to me like a whole new adventure. Every time, even if if this thing is wrong, I want to try to do it. Because each and every one of this adventures crosses a line. And I'm kind of used to crossing the lines lately. Whatever it takes, as long as it makes me happy, right?
So, yeah. I'm not saying that crossing the line is the best thing to do. It's the opposite usually - it's wrong. It means that I've done something and probably I hurt someone, because I just wanted to have some fun. But... If I don't cross that line, someone else will. And he may forget to go back behind the line where he belongs.
If every line stayed untouched and never crossed, then what? What would be our life like? Definitely it won't be a fairytale. The special stories became a real stories when they get so far out of the ordinary, that we wish we could be this hero there, who's name people say and who's glory is eternal.
We are just people after all. We cross lines. We make mistakes. We live and we choose our way, the one we believe it's right. We lie. We betray. We hurt each other. We do what is right for us, ignoring everyone else. Because we are just people after all and that is our greatest excuse.
Those of us who's life become a fairytale are the lucky ones. Because the heroes in the stories are people, just like us, but the thing is, they were brave enough to do something good. And not good just for themselves, but for everyone.

There are lots of stories. Someday one of them might be yours. It's your choice how to live your life. It's your choice to decide what's right and what's wrong. Just remember, that we might all be just people, but we are all special to someone. We all have dreams. We all live and do crazy things. It's up to us somehow to find the way to touch the sky. It's up to them to help us. And again it's up to us just to believe, that today might not be the perfect day, but there's always tomorrow, right?

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