28 ноември, 2008

Story of the failure

I'm done! With all of it! I'm not trying to impress you anymore. You failed, remember?! You failed with me, you failed with us... And then you call me a failure and show my mistakes like I've just killed someone with them. Yeah, I'm just a girl, what do I know about life, right?!
I've always wanted to believe that you were great. I admired you and adored you, like there was no one else on this freaking planet, who will better understand me and will give me hope when I don't believe in myself. This is my biggest mistake!
You were never proud of me, you never will be. You never gave me hope, when I needed it the most. you said.

'We should make the world a better place.' you said.
'Why, when nobody else does it?' I asked.
'Because someone has to start, right?' was the answer.

You`re the one who always says that world is one hell of a place. So stop telling me that I should make it better. Every damn time, when I try to do something better, something sensible, you usually don't even notice. But every mistake is worth to be seen and to be used against me.
Someday I won't be here. Someday I'm gonna make it all worth the guilt you make me feel. And someday I hope you see what was your words to me.

Like I said - I'm done! I'm done with it all. I don't care if you talk or not. I don't care if you notice me or not. This is who I am. It's your choice to decide do you really want to know me.
But for what is worth - I'm done with the failure with you and the failure at all.

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