27 декември, 2008

Another year passes...

One whole year, twelve months, three hundred sixty-five days, fifty-two weeks, eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours, five hundred twenty-five thousand and six hundred minutes, thirty-one millions five hundred thirty-six thousand seconds… But somehow they are mush more than just numbers. All this time… So many things happened, so many people changed, so many moments of sadness, happiness, love, hate… But that’s what life is, right?!

This year was like every one before, but and different. I met new people, I made some new friendships, but and I lost friends. I loved, I cried sometimes… But right now I’m happy, because even when I was sad, this place saved me in many ways.

Happy second birthday, my dear and thank you. You've been the friend who never lies and never lets me down. And you will be. ;]

Paramore - Born for this

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