12 декември, 2008

My little truth

i may say i don't care,
i can stay up all night lost in this world of words.
you won't hear anything from me anymore
but don't ask me to forget
and to pretend it doesn't mean anything
'cuz it does mean a lot to me
the fact that i know you
or at least i knew you...
so... yeah i care
i don't know why,
but i do and...
i wish you knew.
but i guess i've lost my right
to want something from you.
and i can say i'm sorry...
i can SCREAM it...
i can WHISPER it...
i can WRITE it...
but i won't be mad if you don't believe me.
just so you know - i'll always be here
just like i promised.
and in case you decide to believe me -
i'll be waiting here
for you to call me...

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