18 януари, 2009

Another personal disaster

You might not remember my name. You don't need to, and I don't mind. I'm already used to being nobody. Being invisible is kind of cool if you try to see it that way, so I don't care if you know me or not.
You may not talk to me, but on your face I can see all the disappointment that you feel. And I know I'm not that good like you, but at least I'm trying. You are not supposed to judge me for that. Your words might not be rude, but your eyes have let you down this time. I can see it all - you wish I had never tried in the first place. You wish I stayed on the side, where you would never see me.
But I'm there. And you see me. When no one else says I should leave, then why are you showing it. I have the same right to be there, like you. And even if I was better I would never doubt in your abilities. Because that's what we do. We stand behind each other. We play as team. If we lose, then we'll lose as a team again.
And you might not approve me being there, but I will be. So deal with it, damn it! I'm not there for anyone but myself and I'll leave when I want to!

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