26 януари, 2009

Can't get away

You know, I've never thought about that, but... Today something made me realize it - I can say thousand of words and they won't be enough to describe what I feel about you.
It's like... I was drowning and you saved me. Now... The air seems so pure, the sky is so blue, the sun is shining more beautiful with every single day that passes.
Everything is a lot easier when I'm around you. I don't have to pretend that I like something that you do or hate something that you do. I don't have to prove myself every minute, because you somehow make me believe in myself. You are the only one, who can find the very best part of me. The part that I never really believed I had. Being around you is as easy as breathing. It all comes natural. And... You make even the most serious thing look like a game. It's like being in the kindergarten. It is all a game that we play for fun. And somehow your smile makes me smile too.
I'm not giving that up, no matter what the future will bring to us. Because... No matter how many times I will say "mind over matter", I can't get away from you. And... I don't really want to.

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