29 януари, 2009

Just so you know

The words... You will never hear me say those three words to you, that's for sure. But that doesn't mean that I can stop myself from showing their meaning. I can't not smile when I see you, I can't pretend I don't care. I can't run away no matter how hard I try, because it feels like the further I go, the closer I get. And I know it's wrong. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve you. I'm sure she is great and loves you really much. I'm not asking you to leave her and to be with me. But I just can't get away...
The reasons why I love you?! Well I could write all day and all night and I would still not have all of them here, but let me try at least.

I love you~
~because you make me smile no matter what I do or how I feel. Even if I'm desperately crying I can't not smile.
~because when I'm with you it seems like time and place doesn't really matter that much.
~the way you are - funny, gentle, sweet, kind, generous, good... and above all things - still a kid in your soul.
~because somehow you can make my heart beats faster and slower in the same time.
~because you don't expect me to be great - you accept me the way I am, no blame in your eyes and words, no disappointment, just smile of understatement.
~because you made my eclipse go away.
~the way I never loved anyone before...

I believe that someday you will make the world a better place. I might not be the one holding your hand then, but I think you should know, that I believe in you. And... The castle with all of our dreams in it - it might not be real, but for me it is. Because you made it that way. You made me believe when no one else did. You showed me a way out when all I could see was darkness. If you are my dream, then I would never want to wake up. But you are not. And... I still want to believe that it's one of my perfect dreams and there will be the "happily ever after" part for me in the end. But... I know I won't have it. And I don't mind as long as you are happy with her.
So... Be great, be perfect, be in love, be happy, but don't forget to be yourself... Because that's what really makes you special at least to me.

And P.S. I love you!

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