20 януари, 2009


"Do you believe in magic?" he asked when he reached to touch her face. His eyes were calm and tender, but his smile so light, almost like he wasn't smiling.
"What kind of magic?" she asked and looked at his face, trying to read his expression, but as always she couldn't find what she was looking for. He was the best at keeping his thoughts just to himself, especially when he wanted to surprise her somehow.
"All of it..." he said with laughter in his voice. He knew how curious she was, so his plan would be a lot like perfect.
"Well... Yeah, I think I do believe in it. But why are you asking?" she continued to look at his face and started to distract him with her lovely smile.
"Because I will prove it to you." he assured her and laughed at his own thoughts for just a second.
"How can you prove it?" she asked lost in her confusion. Her eyes were wide now, looking for the solution of her question in her mind, but there was no one, so she looked at his face slowly from his lips to his eyes."Tomorrow you'll see." he said and satisfaction rushed into his voice. He kissed her just lightly as to remind her that he was still with her, because she was somehow lost in her thoughts.
"Tell me now!" she asked in a childish way, hoping that it would break through his determination and he would tell her exactly what he meant.
"Just wait until tomorrow and I'll show you. I promise!" he said and kissed her one more time.
"This feels like a magic too..." she whispered and tried to remember how to breath.
"Maybe because it is..."

Love can sometimes be magic.
But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.

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