09 януари, 2009

The real me

I've been trying to understand how to decide what is wrong and what is right. I still don't have the right answer. But at least I have my own decision. I'll keep walking on this road. I'll be walking right beside you, until you want me to. If you fall, I'll fall with you. If you let me go... I'll let you go too.
The thing is... I don't want to. I want to keep you around me, because somehow you make me different and somehow better. It's like breathing a fresh air after the rain stops. So sweet, natural, blissful. You are the one, who's making me stop playing roles and just live. You can see the real me, no matter how hard I try to hide it. You somehow get through me and... Still I feel safe, like nothing in the world can hurt me in any way. You make me believe, the way I did before. You make me laugh when I'm sad. You are the brightest color in my day and the sun, when it's night.So... I'm not giving this up. Even if I'm being selfish and sin. Being your friend... I could never come up with a better wish than that, and when I have it, it's like the world is mine.
And, I might sound truly not like myself... But it's because I'm not really sure who I am now. When you showed up, I was nobody with no dreams and hopes, who was just trying to hold on until the night falls. Now, it feels like I'm living again. And the air feels more real, the sun shines lighter, the night is not so scary.Or at least I'm not afraid of it, because I have you, right beside me, walking and holding my hand. The brightest color of my day and the sun in the night... Almost like a dream, but a lot like reality...

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