30 януари, 2009

Wait and see...

I made a promise myself that I will try to stop this. I promised I won't talk about you. I even was afraid to turn on the damn skype, because I was checking every five minutes if you were there or not. And if you were, then I started to think what were you doing that you are not writing.
Then again I didn't exactly kept my promise... And I'm sorry I didn't. But it's not easier to not know what you are doing. It's not easy at all. And hopefully at a time in the future I won't care that much... But right now the idea that you are out there with her freaks me out!
And I know I'm not allowed to talk like that. I mean, who am I to decide what will you do or not... But I can't make myself stop. I tried and... Well, the result is obvious. Anyway, tomorrow I won't be able to check on you every five minutes and I hope I won't have time to worry about where are you. So... Have a nice day without me. And... Let's see it you would miss me the way I do. Because if you do miss me at least half the way I miss you, then... Well... I think that would be enough for me. But... I'm not sure you will even notice that I'm gone. Then again... We'll wait and see.

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