24 февруари, 2009


You and me... We are like fire and ice. I smile every time I see you, and you never notice. We live in two different worlds and the only connection is... well I don't know what. Maybe the bridge across that I'm trying to build, so that I can be close to you. We are like sun and rain. You are always smiling and happy and friendly. I usually spend my days being sad, asking myself "what if". The voice inside me, that is like my shadow won't stop putting the question 'what the hell someone like you would wanna know someone like me?', and I'm trying to ignore it, of course.
But "I don't care" is the easiest lie to say, but the hardest to make someone, including yourself, to believe in! So I keep saying that I don't care, but the truth is, I do. Not that it's not obvious, but I guess you are the only one who can't see it.
And... Somehow the connection between our two world exists. Somehow you know me and I know you. We say 'hi', we smile at each other... And then you just disappear. You run away for a while, like you are tired of me. Like you are tired to be my friend. At least, that's how it looks like. And as time goes by I hope I really won't care someday, but just to find out, that I can't face the day without knowing you'll be there with me. And... I'm fine with the fact, that it won't be the way I want it. It never is. But that doesn't mean that I don't miss you. And sometimes it's even hard to breathe, when I know that you are out there and you don't miss me the way I miss you. But... I never expected you to care, so it's okay.You and me... We live in two different worlds. You follow the rules that I would break. And I follow the ones, that you don't care about. You are white, and I am black. You are music, I'm silence... You are the drug and I'm the addict. So you lead, and I'll follow. You make the rules between us, and I promise I won't break not even one of them. You decide if you want me to be in your world or not. And... Whatever you decide... I'll still care, so... Just find the way of your happiness, and I'll be happy for you too.

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