18 март, 2009

My everything

If I had the chance to choose between me with the addiction of you or just me, I would choose the first one. Because I have at least three smiles for you. One when I think about you, which just a few people know. One when I remember your smile, which is hard not to notice. And one when I see you. I can't control any of that. The faster breathing or the need to disappear before I start saying the L word lots of times. And I know how idiotic I sound and look, but I would never give that up.
Because you are the moon in a moonless night for me. You shine so strong, that my eyes can't see anything else, but you. I don't know if I'm asleep or awake anymore. And I don't really care if it's day or night or it's raining or not. Because everything I can think about is you. And nothing else matters anymore... And you are my everything...
I can never get away from that. I can never quit an addiction that strong by myself. And I don't really want to. Because it makes me whole in a way that nothing else would. So... Like it or not, you are my heroin and I'm so addicted, that it hurts sometimes. The sweetest pain I've ever felt... With the taste of jealousy and passion and innocence and... magic! This is my dream come true, so... No matter what it takes to keep it, I'm gonna do it. Because an addiction that strong could never really end, right?!

2 коментара:

Thunder † каза...

Nice addiction, but not so easy to forget... (:

just a stranger каза...

Who said I wanna forget it? ;]