17 юли, 2009

Red eyed demon

I t was dark, cold and cloudy night. The wind was strong, like the touch of ice. He felt the fear rushing into his mind. His heart started to beat faster, his breath became uneasy.
"How did I get here?" he whispered to himself. He could feel someone's eyes behind his back. He turned around and froze for an instant. There was nothing but the cold.
In this short moment of relief he looked around and realized he was in a meadow and around it there was a forest. Dark, scary forest. It was quiet. The silence was even scarier than the darkness that seemed to be thicker with every passed second. He wanted to escape but was too scared to move his legs fast enough.
Then behind him he heard someone's steps. His heart almost jumped out of his chest. This time there really was somebody.
Slowly, he turned back, his widened eyes carefully looking for someone. At first he saw nothing. The after a blink she was there, like she came from the nothing. Her skin was white, she was wearing a white dress in this cold night. She didn't look at him. She was walking towards him slowly but without moving her legs. Like she was unreal.For a second she was in front of him. There was no way she could possibly come that close to him for like no time. She looked at him and her red eyes made him numb. Until he realized what was happening her lips were on his. He couldn't take his eyes off hers, like he was hypnotized. He felt that he couldn't breathe after the kiss. Like his lungs were frozen. He wanted to say something but he couldn't. He could hear his heart beating like crazy. He couldn't even close his eyes or look away from her. Those red eyes were so scary that he thought she's a demon sent to take his life.
Her cold white hand touched his neck, holding it tight. It would be the death of him...
Suddenly, he woke up and realized it had been a nightmare.

~Написах тази история за домашно по английски. Претърпя малко корекция преди да я постна. Би трябвало да е леко страшна, но не съм сигурна дали се е получил ефекта. Добавих малко повече описание и е едно от любимите ми домашни. ^^