02 август, 2009


We truly are running in circles. We keep running away from each other and we are still both here. It's like... I step back and you follow me. I step forward towards you and you run away hiding. As if there is a part of you that you don't want me to see. As if... I wouldn't like you anymore. And by writing this... It's rediculous! I can never leave you. Not now, not ever.
I only wanna know what made you disappear like this? And are you coming back?

I know I said something, and it probably changed a lot. But so what? I moved on, at least I'm trying. And when I'm being just a friend you start hiding from me. What the hell's going on! Am I delusional or something? I mean... I can't be... Not for this... Not anymore... But... Then what the hell happened?
Ah... I haven't slept so much last night. It's understandable if I'm being stupid and not worth reading at all. I just had to say something and since the right person to hear it is not around... Yeah...
I might be an idiot, again. But so are you!

The more I hide, the less I fear... And the more I show you the more you run away. And if I stop you will come back, just so that you can run away again. Running in circles... That's what we always do. Don't forget to come back, when you are done hiding. And honestly... I think this time it's not me the one you are running away from - it's you. I'm taking my step back now. And it's your turn!

Jonas Brothers - Pushin' me away

I am the idiot this time... I believed, again. There is no such thing as running in circles... There's just my imagination playing srupid games with me... again...

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