09 септември, 2009

I believe

Because even when the sky is falling down you are still there. It may not be a perfect world, but at least sometimes things are good the way they are.

And all I'm saying is "maybe someday". I believe that everything I call fairytale is going to come true. If I'm patient enough it will. Promise me you'll be there when that happen and remember - I believe because of you!

4 коментара:

** ...All that I am ... ** каза...

* Просто ти се усмихвам и те гушвам силно! (: *

just a stranger каза...

И аз тебии ! *гушшшш*

Noonshine каза...

we believe ^^

между другото, как се казваш? xD

just a stranger каза...

yeah, we believe *sun*
Казвам се Мартина =) Приятно ми е! ;]