06 септември, 2009

I made a wish tonight

It is tonight the time that I want to simply close my eyes. Hearing the raindrops falling down the sky I want to feel no fear of falling into my dreams. I want to hold my breath and make a wish exactly at midnight - the seconds between today and tomorrow. I would wish for just one simple thing. I want tonight as I close my tired of searching for you eyes to feel no fear in my heart, as I let all the memories of you fade away. I don't need the heartbreak, even though I already have it. I don't want to bit my lip every time I have the need to tell the world that you are the love of my life. I don't want to be burning in an ice-cold water anymore. I don't want to be that girl who is so obsessed with someone, that she can't breathe when he's not around and when he is, her heartbeat goes crazy up and down slow and than fast again, as if it's a toy and some kid is playing with my heart, making it go out of control just to see if it's gonna break eventually.
As the rain is falling down the sky I have just one wish and I would give anything to make it true. Please, give me the reason to simply walk away. For one time be one of the other guys and make me hate you. It's not gonna be easy to forget that way, but eventually I will. And instead now I keep asking myself 'what if' every damn time you give me even the lightest reason to believe the lie, that I wasn't just lying to myself and that there actually is something that you didn't tell me.
My world would really suck without you. You make me better and I wanna be better for you. And I can't live in a world where you don't exist, because it would be a world with no colors and no sun and no rain. But tonight I'm gonna close my eyes and hold my breath. And I'm gonna make a wish. I wish I could sleep for so long that when I woke up in the morning the only thing left from you in my heart is a scar that no longer hurts and no longer makes me cry. And I'm scared as hell to wish for it, but I need something to change and this seems to be the right thing to wish for.

If my dreams betray me and I follow your voice don't say anything. If my eyes look for you, hide from me. If I call your name don't turn back. I don't need the broken heart and the tears. I don't need to believe in lies anymore, so that I make it trough the day. It's time to let the rain wash everything away.

I love you... But it didn't seem to be enough... So just let me go already ~!~

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** ...All that I am ... ** каза...

''Обичам те'' никога не е достатъчно! - ОТХ...
И все пак щом си си го пожелала, нека се сбъдне! *гуш*

just a stranger каза...

Явно наистина не е. ОТХ винаги казва правилноо ;]
Дано се сбъдне преди да реша, че не желая точно това. Макар че с този мой късмет... :x