15 септември, 2009

It's still true

It's not a story about the impossibility of love. Well it might be. But most importantly it's about finding something that I needed but never knew about it. It's a story about someone who made a difference in my life in a pretty simple but special way.
I'll skip the part with the 'I love you forever' and I'll get to 'the after' part where I have you as a friend and... You are my own personal sun, shining over the horizon. And if it's up to me that's never gonna change.
And one lifetime won't be enough to thank you just because you were there when I didn't know I needed you. And because you believed in me the way I used to believe in people.
...Friends you can meet anywhere. They pass you by and go. Some of them stay because they find peace around you and they feel safe...
For me you are so much more. Addistion, obsession, even gravity that pulls me towards itself... In a way that I can't run away, I can't dissapear... And I can't breathe without.

P.S. This one is like months ago but I found it today on a list of paper and here it is. It's still true.