24 февруари, 2010


I feel like I have to say something, but I'm not sure what to say. My life has been a mess for the last couple of months. It's usually a mess, but it was worse. You know, the usual stuff, boys, girlfriends, school, parents... and lots of expectations.
It turns out that I have this annoying habit of seeing people the way I want them to be. And now it's like I never knew them. No names, just saying.
Also, boys can really mess with my head sometimes. Especially cute ones that have the potential to be good friends and more than that. But since I'm stupid enough, I'm not sure I want to go through that kind of drama again any time soon, so I'm trying not to play with anyones feeling and to enjoy spending time with my friends.
And girlfriends... Duh, seriously, am I that easy to give up on? 'Cuz it's always been the thing. They find a reason to make me guilty for something and I'm the bad one every damn time. But it can't always be my fault, right? That is just not possible. And I wasn't the one talking behind someones back anyway.
I once promised to myself that I will be good enough at everything before I let anyone mess with my head again. And I'm doing pretty great.
And there is this one special someone who never stops surprising me with every damn thing he does.

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