26 май, 2010

You make me smile, please stay for a while now ♥

I think this is what I want. It's not a fairytale, it's not breath-taking romance, and it's not anything special. I mean, it's nothing really.
But that nothing makes me smile and makes me want more. And then I imagine what it would be like - you, me, watching the stars and I realise that I could do that like all the time and it won't be enough. And don't get it the wrong way, I'm not in love. Not yet anyway. I'm just excited about this new someone that somehow appeared like out of nowhere in my life and I enjoy talking to him. And I promise to clear my head and think about things clearly. But just for that moment just waiting for him to show up makes me check if he's in like every two seconds and I really missed that.
One more thing - my inspiration is totally over but will you please cross your fingers for me because luck is all I need right now and mine is clearly not working these days. And I need this to work for us in a good way. I really want this to work, no matter what. I mean, I know that again things are not gonna be easy, but whatever it is, I'm ready for it.
And remember:
~ Life is short - kiss slowly, love deeply, and forgive quickly - forget the past, but remember what it taught you.

photo by uk-kyle

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