13 август, 2010

Draw a line

I spent the night watching the meteor shower and making stupid wishes on shooting stars. And I wished for you. Because I would do it again. All of it. You, me, us... You are my someone worth waiting for. I think. At least I hope so... Or I have completely lost connestion with the reality. And I probably have no right to say it but... I wanna be with you again just like before. And I'm pretty sure we'll be great together if only you don't have to go.
I wanna know for sure what is this all about, so starting from tomorrow (saturday), I will not say anything, you know write anything or even talk about you or with you. I wanna know if I'm writing all this just because you said you missed me. And I'm a little bit confused and...
I watched the meteor shower and I feel inspired. Like I'm closer to whatever think I want. And I can't make a desicion based on what you said. I have to make it for me. So, yes. I'm drawing a line. Make sure you do that too, because I... Fall for you a little bit too easily.

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todor georgiev каза...

In this life I'm me,
Just sitting here alone
By the way I tried to say I'd be there
For you
Walk the silent emptieness
That leaves me by my hands
And throw away
What I don't understand, as a man