25 август, 2010

Know that...

If you could hear me, I would say that it doesn't matter what happened in the past. Yeah, I was the first, but screw me - I'm part of that past. And no matter how I feel you shouldn't hesitate and you should make her happy. Because I get that moving on sucks and sometimes even I wish things were different, but to be fair, most of the time I'm happy things are just like that. Because now I get to have so many good memories of you and me. And I know myself. If we'd stayed together for long time I would have screwed things up, or you would do something and I'd get mad at you and you know, it wouldn't be a happy memory.
So, make it work, no matter what. And yes, I will be happy for you and I do mean that. And if we switched positions I would have probably wanted you to tell me this exact thing. So, stop wasting time with me and just go for it.
You are a phone call away and I could have told you all this, but you know me - I'm not that girl. But you are that guy that does everything to make it work, so you don't need me to say it.

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