15 септември, 2010

4 a.m.

'The only reason we are fighting right now is just because I wanted to see you and you simply didn't care.'

There something about some dreams that make you wonder, you know. There's this simple honesty in the words you say, when you are asleep to someone you will never say that in reality. And it's 4 a.m. It always is. I'm this close to seeing the sunrise and I can almost feel the rays of light on my face, but... it's still dark. And it's still 4 after midnight. I'm awake after a dream and I keep wondering if it will ever be the same again, already knowing the answer. It's not the same, 'cuz we're not the same. Once upon a time I wouldn't have been all that scared to admit it. I wouldn't have been terrified to believe, even if it was a lie.
If I could change things, I would. If it was up to me I'd never ever stop trying, but... Now I ask myself what's the point and give up. Because I'm scared that you will not care, just like last night, when it was 4 a.m.
Whatever, I don't need to be distracted. And the people what are meant to be together always find their way in the end. At least, I hope so.
photo by sugargrl14

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