04 септември, 2010

And I wish it was enough

I'm back at that place where I have nothing to lose and I can't say anything. I can't leave and all I want is to be there for you. So that's what I'm gonna do. For what is worth I'll be here for you, whenever you need me. And I'm gonna hope it's enough. You are my someone worth waiting for and fighting for, I think. And I can't really take that away. I said I wanted to remember this summer as one of the greatest. You were part of the last one I loved, so why can't it be the same. No, even better. Because I know we could have gone through fire if we had to and you can feel it too. And I still... You know, believe in us, in what we had and in what we can have right now. As stupid as it seems, I'm still here waiting for you to realise I'll always be there for you.
Just for the record, I'm not saying those three words, because the moment I do it's like everything starts going too fast and next thing I know is I've lost myself. But they are true and I hope that's enough. And damn it, I don't want him to leave ever again. Same old story, different summer, I guess. Only now I'm the idiot who can't get over him and he's not sure what he wants. Lucky me.