17 септември, 2010

So over

I've been holding on to a dream for a while, afraid to wake up in the middle in the night and realise it was all just an illusion. But is it. And it will never be more than that, never again. So, I'm letting go of it. It's about time I quit that addiction and find a new one.
Don't say I didn't try. You didn't care enough to call, remember. So why should I do it any longer. I'm done wasting my time on a dream. It's not worth it anymore and I don't need a broken heart again.
I've got my writing and all the other things that simply make my day perfect, so no, I don't want to be disappointed anymore. And that's all you do. Say something out of the blue and give me one hell of a reason to remember you, till you come back again. But I'm tired of this stupid little game of ours.
I honestly thought I could be friends without the whole drama thing, but you can't expect me hear all the stories you've got and not feel bad about not being part of that. It's like... Well, it sucks. And I kinda hate saying all this, but I can't keep waking up at 4 a.m. and have those weird dreams. Reality already makes it clear that I'm being an idiot, I don't need any other reminders.