23 октомври, 2010

Same story, different names

I spent the last three days watching the BTV tv-series 'Glass Home'. Ii's my new addiction, actually. I accidentally saw an episode from the new season with my cousin and I liked it, so I started wathing it from the beginning. And when I first saw Siana I thought that she was a little bit to dark as a character. Most of the times I couldn't really decide if I liked her or not, but kniwing the whole story... I started thinkin.
I could easily be like her. I'm stupid enough to fall for the wrong guy and get myself in trouble. Okay, maybe I wouldn't make things all that complicated. But I know my limits, and love is kinda my weakness. A prove to that is the fact that I liked Dani's character from the beginning, because he's funny, charming and nice most of the time. But he's still a total jerk to both Alex and Siana.
Still, my love history is full of guy's like him... pretty much, so...
I'm just saying, I kinda know why she did all the things she did. And in real life, I'm a little bit like her when it comes to falling in love. I forget what is right and what's wrong. I end up with pink glasses, too much hope and then... well my Dani does not come back to my rescue.
Spending the weekend home, watching tv-series and not having the inspiration to start writing usually makes me a little... distant from reality. I start thinking about things and end up writing about them here. Most of the time it's just stupid thoughts and ideas, kinda like now. Anyway, I just felt close to her story and wanted to say it somewhere. Have a good night!

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