17 ноември, 2010

I'll say we go up in flames together

I wanna go through hell and heaven, fire and ice, winter and summer and to be worth it in the end. But everyone keeps saying 'I love you', when they want something from me and I start losing the meaning of those three words. Or maybe it's already gone for me and I'm just having flashbacks from some faded memory. And maybe it is actually better to just be me. Because they keep changing me, breaking me and turning my life upside down. Then they say sorry, but in the end it hurts the same way.
That is why I'm never saying those three words again. Because they mean nothing anymore, and I need to believe at least they do, after all the things that lost meaning for me. Oh, hell... I'm trying to get used to the fact that things got screwed up and it was not my fault, but I guess it was in a way. I could have said something. No, I could have said a lot. It doesn't really matter now, because it's all gone. But I still have that dream of going through hell and heaven and burning with the sinners, because I'm not really sure there's a better way to prove your passion for someone, and maybe even your love.

Who knows how to walk in fire better than Chick and Blair? <3

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