06 декември, 2010

Let me love ya

If I am not afraid to ask for your heart, will you be brave enough to give it to me?

I'm in love with a fairytale and I can't seen to write anything these days. I have a little bit too much to say, but I have no right to ask for anything, so I'll stay here quietly and hope that something just happens. And I'm not expecting anything at all, knowing the past, but still I kinda wish it just happens this time for real. I can promise a lot of things, but truth is... I wanna remember what it was like and I want for Christmas only one simple thing. Silly me, for even saying it here, because there is no point really. Happy endings were never really my thing, but against all odds, I'm making stupid wishes on shooting stars, and wait for a sign or a Hello, or whatever it is that you may do, to show me that you want it too.
And now, that I've proven to be completely out of my mind, I'm gonna go into my imaginary world where it all happens the way I want it. The rest is simply up to you.

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Лилия каза...

There is nothing which pleases me more than these moments of solitude where we can izrechem everything and try again happen that our zhelanie.Nito for a moment I stopped him iskam.Ne deny that I want as strong and be a victim to look ahead to guess and give yourself a little-nadezhda.Obeshtala I'm not reneging, not because no right-naprotiv.Obicham it and am ready to vsichko.Pretsenkata however, must be yours, if you can. ..