15 февруари, 2011

Perfectly not myself

My love is no longer fearless. It's scary. I could love like they do in the movies. Now I remain quiet and smile, waiting for it to fall down on me. I used to be brave. I was never scared to love with all my heart. I fought, I kept trying, when every damn thing was against me.
And now I can't even come up with the words for it. Isn't that sad? Words were all I had every time things got messy. Right in this moment things are okay, but I have no words to tell him that. I'm actually scared that... If he knew me, if he knew how scared I am all the time, he would become scared too. Scared that I will not be able to fall for him the way he wants me to.

Липсва ми вдъхновението. Благодарение на моето синьо имах най-адския свети Валентин досега. А съм се повредила тотално и само мрънкам за глупости.

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