17 март, 2011

Don't ever go away

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.

I'm out of words, but I need to find the way to say what's on my mind. You'd come in the middle of the night. You'd knock on the window and I would let you in, as if it's completely normal thing to do. You'd sit on the bed and I'd do the same, only staying as far away as possible. In the dim light of the moon, coming through the window, my eyes would go around every inch of you, to your almost smiling face, as you notice what I'm doing. I'd stay completely still, afraid that if I move, or look away, you might as well disappear as you came. That thought suddenly scares me. I put my hands around mu knees as I stay and you move closer, thinking I might be feeling cold. Without any words you'd get up and step towards me. Again, afraid that you might be saying goodbye, I'd stand right in front of you, holding you with my hands, knowing how easy would be for you to make me let you go. But I won't!
I wonder where he was before, what brought him here, what's gonna happen after tonight. But all of it does not matter, because what we have is these few moments. Eventually it all goes away, maybe. I know that now, but I don't care, as long as I get to remember how I felt - as if it all fell into place.

Някога замислял ли си се, че някои хора просто успяват да обърнат света ти с главата надолу и все пак това е най-прекрасното чувство на света? На мен ми се случва всеки следващ път, когато го видя.

Исках да кажа нещо съвсем друго, но явно няма да е сега.

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