04 май, 2011

My unbiological sister

There are millions of people out there. Some of them are friends, some enemies, others - complete strangers to me. We share memories, stories, pictures together and some of those are the best in my entire life.
The thing is I meet so many people in my life. They come and go, then come again. The one of them shows up out of nowhere and from stranger becomes the closest person I have - my unbiological sister.
We finish each other's sentences, read each other's mind and every care in the world disappears when I have her by my side.
I may have done awful things, hurt people and made so many mistakes, but she's the one who'd never blame me and tell me to handle things by myself. Friends are those who'd jump in the fire for each other. At least that's what people say. I think it's not just jumping in the fire, it's living every moment knowing that she's always there for me just like I am for her.

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