08 септември, 2011

Crazy or something

I know how it goes. I've been there and done that a little more times than I'd like to admit. It sucks and then it gets better. But I kinda don't want it to get better, because then I'll have to admit it's over and if it is over, well I don't want that.
I also know exactly what I should do, but I don't like it, so I keep doing exactly the opposite. I went from crazy to stupid, again. Well that story never leaves me alone, actually. And I really want to write something, but my inspiration is gone with the wild or something.
I'd turn the world upside down. You know, go from stupid to crazy again, but I'm not sure if that seems right, so I keep wondering if I'll be doing that for the right reasons or not. Because I kinda wanna prove something, but if anything goes wrong ... Well it better not go wrong. Anyway, I kinda needed to write in a chaotic way, so here it is.
And you know, it's kinda not fair. Not that I care all that much about it anymore, but it's like when I do something right - nothing happens. And when I do something wrong - world war three is about to begin. So, what does that make me?
Nah, let's get back to being silly and smile. I still have a few ideas to think about. Because this is deffinatelly a sign that I should take my chances and do whatever the hell I want. But I'm not the only one involved, so instead of having fun, I might screw things up a little bit more and I'm not sure if I can handle that. Well, the chaotic writing that probably makes no scense ends now. And yes, I know - I'm crazy.

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