13 декември, 2011

some thinking

There's a smile, you know. A smile that gives it all away - the feelings you think no one knows about. One smile and your whole face lights up and I only mentioned her name. It's good to know that my Dark angel is still out there and is not as dark as he thinks. Because he really likes her, she's amazing and they kinda already look perfect together. Well, who am I to decide anything for them, but I had to say it somewhere, so that seemed like the place.
And damn, if that smile is so obvious just when someone mentiones a name... Oh wait, Tisho was right again, because I have the same one sometimes. I usually talk too much and say nothing. And as Bosh keeps telling me that he means every word he says while we are just kidding and messing around... Well it is a common thing to say the stuff that mean a lot and make them sound like a joke. So we can laugh about it and pretend it did not mean a thing, as the other reacts in a way that tells us he does not think or feel the same.
I also would like to point out that boys are stupid when it comes to relationships. As if it is so scary to be loved or to fall in love with someone. (Because I know a boy who would dump his girlfriend because she told him she loves him. And he did'n want to hurt her, because another girl before hurt him. Leaving doesn't mean you won't hurt the person and it might even be worse than staying, so .. And I am pretty sure he didn't want to fall for her, because if he does, then he might get hurt again. Now pay attention - just because someone hurt you once, does not mean that every other someone will. If fact, that someone may fix you and turn your life into a fairytale, if only you'd let him.) Okay, it is scary, but only if the person doesn't love you back. And girls have so much love to give, because truly, that's what we are made of. I started sounding like some crazy romantic, so I am going to stop with that. Anyway, it's not a big deal, but I had to say it. Because deep down I still have that stupid idea of a fairytale happy ending, which makes me an idiot, but who cares.
Now I am going to study and then I may try to finish my new story and post it here, because I am really proud of it so far.

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