23 януари, 2012

that simple

As much as I love spending my days and nights with you, I can't let you come and go as you please. 'Cuz I have a heart you know and it might as well stop after all the times you made it wonder where are you, who are you with, do you miss me or do you think about me at all. Yet it still keeps beating and whispering your name now and then and saying all those perfect little words, but you're not here to listen. And I wish I could tell them to anyone else, but they wouldn't be true. Because as hard as it is to admit it I am in love with you.

It's that simple. And those words scare me to death. Can you blame after all the times I got lost and also had my heart broken? Nope. Well, whatever. I just finally had the words to say something the way I feel it.

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