13 декември, 2012

dark and twisty whatsoever

Hey, do you remember? No, not the 5th of November. I mean that time when we listened to Nickelback in a late morning, or was it noon? I think it was. To be honest, it feels like too distant dream to even remember it. No idea why I even started this post that way. I was just listening to Nickelback half an hour ago and the sentence appeared in my mind out of the blue. 
Not that I believe it, but the world might be ending in less than ten days, and playing a computer game right now ... Seriously?!
You keep pushing me away, you know. In a very rather silent annoying way that makes me want to hate you. I will ask in a stupid way - how many times can you be pushed away, before actually getting the hint and doing the same? I really am an idiot most of the time, probably annoying, a little self-centered, but spending half an hour with me is not going to hurt anyone. I hope. 
Well, like one would be a proper thing to say or write in that situation. You are leaving anyway, someday in the future. Which I might add is a very scary experience and I would rather avoid it if possible, but reality likes doing this to me over and over again. It's the summer, let's have some fun... It's the winter, let's get your wish and give you the exact opposite. 
First study and then I will be your prize. I don't want to! And then I'm the one who is self-centered. Seriously?! Go look yourself in the mirror!
Haters gotta hate. Count me for it. Now let the work take me away, and I actually have plenty of things to do. I just... Needed to be home. Home is where your heart is, right? Well, I am home, but it's just not as homey as I wished it would be. Because I'm being taken for granted. Don't you worry, honey! I know how that story goes. I just never thought it would be ours.

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