10 март, 2013

за живота от нещата...

Have you ever noticed how messy everything is? I mean, when was the last time you honestly told someone how you feel about them or what is on your mind? We are hidden behind so many walls, that most of us can't even remember how they got there and how to get out. 
In order to get to something simple and natural like love, you have to overcome every past nightmare of a relationship you had, all the fear, all the walls. And even if you do so, it may not be simple. We are all damaged in a way. We have our fears and our past. 
People hurt us, they disappoint us and yet we go back to them because we believe we may change them. If every one of us was able to do so, it would be a fairytale. But people don't change just because we want them to. So we either silently agree to eventually get hurt by being with them or we run away scared, thinking that we will never find the right person. And who says who is right and who isn't. The question in that case is what we can live with and well... what we can't live without. 
Everyone has their story and their past. Some are hurt, some are scared... But they would smile and pretend it's all okay. Now think about it? What are you afraid of? How many times did you let your fear stop you? How many times you had a smile on your face when inside you were crying?
My words won't change that. I had enough experience to know so. But whoever you are, whereever you are - you are not alone. I am also scared most of the time, I smile and say it's okay, I am only truly honest when I write things to myself. And knowing how messy things get, how scared people are - sometimes I am brave enough to say what I really think. Sometimes they understand me, sometimes they don't. But tomorrow is another day, when I can be brave again. And every new day has a tomorrow, so tomorrow I will be brave. And tomorrow I may not be. Tomorrow everything can change for me or even better - I may be the one to change and stop being so scared. The walls don't keep people away, they keep you in and someone out there may need you more than you know. Will you let them find you?

3 коментара:

FWB каза...

Нещо,което се нуждаех да прочета.Благодаря ти :)

SunShine каза...

In the most hopeless moment you can be brave,you can be strong and to move on :) life goes on :) so keep smiling and everything will be better :)

`Ем каза...

thanks! <3