24 март, 2013

Did you hear the crack? The lack of music, the silence? What does it say?
Well, that the road I'm on is all broken and I missed the turn back there on purpose, hoping that it will get better. It didn't. And I don't think it ever will. Because I allowed myself to have a voice. Because when I didn't have a voice, I was weak and I didn't really matter. Well, I don't really matter now anyway.
Take your fairytales back where they came from and go with them. Because in my head I heard a voice repeatedly tell me "Why didn't you run away?" Why didn't I? Because... I'm stupid mostly. I'm sick of people going somewhere, so I stay no matter what. Maybe it's about time I get my stuff, put it all in a box and leave it behind me. Maybe... Maybe I'm better off by myself.
Happy? No, I'm not.
Sunday is a family day. In my case - was. It felt like that only a few times back in the past. Sunday is the day I... Well, I decide to try again. To put a smile on my face and pretend that everything is just perfect. While in reality it isn't. Because all the things I did don't matter. You never asked for them, so I decided to do them on my own. So... they don't mean anything to you. Then should they mean anything at all?

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